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Matt Miller & The Deckers || Saints Row: The Third 

Many, many thanks to Dancing Squirrel Photography for these photos! We’re hoping to do a night shoot in them soon so all of our EL wire/lighting (jackets, pants, skates, weapons, etc.) can be seen clearly!


Asha Odekar and the Saints - Saints Row IV 

It was a Saintly team up between Bria and the fine folks of sewandbro at Katsucon to rock the Space Suits from Saints Row IV.  We had a ton of fun wearing these and are absolutely thrilled with how they turned out especially after all the hard work that was put into them.  High Fives to everyone at Katsucon who recognized us!

With Bria as Asha Odekar, Heather as Kinzie Kensington, Nate as Matt Miller, Denis as Johnny Gat, and Roger as Boss. is where we won’t stop until Zinyak is beaten

A few of the photos from Katsucon of our Saints Row IV group! :D

Nate as D.J. KK, Roger as Porter, Denis as Nat & Heather as Lolly || Animal Crossing: New Leaf [MAGFest 2014]



Matt Miller & The Deckers || Saints Row: The Third [MAGFest 2014]

Many thanks to The Whale Baby for snapping these shots! Look for more photos of these in the future (after we stop freaking out about Katsucon, haha) with Specialist skates, a street and more lights! ;)

Check out more Decker goodness and other projects on our newly launched website!


Officially starting the new costume. Pattern for the torso shield piece thingy.

Roger has started his new costume for Katsucon!

D.J. KK, Porter, Nat & Lolly // Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Matt Miller & The Deckers // Saints Row: The Third

MAGFest 2014

We’ll be posting more photos of both of these costume sets in the near future but we wanted to post one of each here and give a big THANK YOU to anyone who saw us at the con and said hi or commented on our costumes. We were floored (and so grateful ;-; <3) that so many people enjoyed these at the con! We also loved all the “OMG DECKERS NO WAY I’M GONNA KICK YOU ALL IN THE FACES SAINTSSSSS 4LIFE" and various versions of that we got Saturday night. XD

We had a great time and can’t wait for MAGFest 2015!

Happy New Year and Happy MAGFest weekend! 

The first photo is us during the first few minutes of 2014, as we crafted late into the night trying to finish props and costumes. You can see we were slowly losing our minds. The second is Denis and Roger in parts of their Animal Crossing costumes (Nat & Porter). We’ll be wearing our ACNL costumes tomorrow!

The third is a photo of a couple parts of Heather’s Decker Specialist costumes - we’ll be in our Deckers (Saints Row: The Third) on Saturday night. And the fourth is Heather’s MAGFest badge! We’re here! Keep an eye on our Instagram for more photos of the con this weekend! You can also find us on Twitter. :)

Say hello if you are at MAGFest and you see us!

We hope everyone has an amazing 2014! :D

Yet another set of props ready for the Animal Crossing costumes at MAGFest. We promise we’re actually working on the costumes as well! :D


With the help of Bria of White Hot Room and Denis and Roger - our bros in Sew & Bro - we put together this entry for the Saints Row Sing-A-Long Christmas Carol Contest! Today the winners were announced and we are very excited to say our video made the cut! You can see all the winners here in the montage video (with the actual music track playing, haha!) - we had a lot of fun with this.

We also had a lot of fun making the Nyte Blayde Nativity in a time crunch, hanging up character stockings and putting way too many purple lights on that tiny Christmas tree. :D

You can’t have sea bass without bell bags! Even though they don’t make you a lot of bells…

Another set of props ready for Animal Crossing costumes at MAGFest!